Sauna-Eurox Oy manufactures and distributes natural sauna stones worldwide with 30 years experience. Registered trademarks Sauna-Eurox, Parhaat Löylyt, Sauna Granit, Sauna Vulcanite and Sauna-Siisti.

Sauna-Eurox is the world´s leading manufacturer of pre-washed, ready-to-use natural sauna stones with brand names Sauna-Eurox, Parhaat Löylyt and Sauna Vulcanite. The manufacturing process is in accordance with the ISO 9002 standard, and ongoing monitoring by the Geological Survey Institute of Finland. Sauna-Eurox natural sauna stones fit to all, and every sauna heater and sauna stove.

The latest innovation is the heat treated Elite-sauna stone with superior durability; fit to the ultimate use. Other special products are the rounded olivinediabase sauna stone in connection to the soft steam method, and multiple choices of decorative/top layer sauna stones.

Our other main products are e.g. Sauna Granit all stainless steel flat model electric sauna heaters.

Sauna bath tip #2

Renew the stones now – and enjoy a memorable sauna bath!

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