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Sauna Granit electric sauna heaters

The Sauna Granit flat model sauna heater is manufactured of all stainless steel materials. The surface of the heater is laid of natural stone elements. The steam is evenly released into the sauna room, because the steam donating surface area starts below the seat level, close to the floor. An important feature e.g. in the saunas for the handicapped and senior citizens. This structure is a great space saver also.

When using the Sauna Granit flat model heater the pouring water never touches the regulators, the water evaporates from the large stone surface evenly and gently. The s.c. peak heat effect is more gentle than in any other regular sauna heater. The Sauna Granit heater has a stepless angle adjustment  in the front panel. The stone surface choices are clean burnt surface, or more rugged quarried surface. The controls are fixed into the front panel, or in a separate outside control box. 

For control boxes there are two choices available; basic digital control box with timer and thermostat controller. The other model has also a weekly time setting possibility and a remote control device.

Upon request, customer name, logotype etc. can be engraved into the stone surface. A specific safety net is also available for extra safety in tighter, or more secure needing premises.

Finnish patent no FI 98788
Utility model (NUM) FI 2322, 2981, 3015

Customers name, company logo etc. can be engraved into the front panel.

The top stone of the Sauna Granit flat model heater (burnt stone model) has a gutter, s.c. auxiliary steam panel, making the pouring water to boil, generating thus more soft steam.



The SGTK with quarried stone panels and fixed front controls..
The SGTK DUO heaters (with burnt surface stone panels in the picture) comes always with a separate control box.


Technical data of Sauna Granit electric heaters

Model Power Kw Steam room, m3 Fuse, A Flex, mm2
 SGTK 60 6 5...9 3 x 10 5 x 15
 SGTK 75 7,5 8...12  3 x 16 5 x 2,5
 SGTK 12 DUO 12 10...18 3 x 20 5 x 4,0
 SGTK 15 DUO 15 14...24 3 x 25 5 x 6,0

Safety distances

Model From side
to wall
min, mm
From bottom
edge to floor
min, mm
From upper
edge to ceiling
min, mm
From front
panel to seat
min, mm
Steam room
min, mm
 SGTK 60 100 150 1000 450 1900
 SGTK 75 100 150 1150 550 2100
 SGTK 12 DUO 100 150 1150 550 2100
 SGTK 15 DUO 100 150 1150 550 2100


Sauna Granit electric heater measurements

Widht, mm 550 550 1120
Height, mm 800 800 800
Depth, mm 110 110 110
Depth from wall, mm 160 160 160 

Sauna Granit electric heater installation guide

Download SGTK 60 and 75 installation manual (301 kb, pdf)

Download SGTK DUO 12 and 15 installation manual (256 kb, pdf)

Download control panel box C-150 installation manual (1184 kb, pdf)

Download control panel C-150 VKK installation manual (1333 kb, pdf) 


Sauna bath tip #2

Renew the stones now – and enjoy a memorable sauna bath!

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